September 24, 2019

Agility and Reliability: The Journalist’s Checklist

Paradigm SWARM

The pressure is constantly on broadcasters to ensure that they are on-the-spot wherever news is breaking or events are unfolding. Often, stories occur in hard-to reach places, making it difficult to find infrastructure capable of supporting the demands of a journalist in the field. Paradigm and Newtec have combined their expertise to meet increasing demands from journalists operating in areas where connectivity is not so easy to come by.

Modern newsgathering demands a great deal more than ‘the old days’ when a camera and a videotape was the journalist’s staple. Gone are the days where a journalist would need to literally fly their tape back to HQ so that their report could be integrated into a wider news program. Remote broadcasting has changed beyond all recognition and it’s a down to IP capability and being able to access the right equipment on the spot, wherever and whenever it’s required.

Paradigm SWARMFor journalists, being able to get their equipment to where it’s needed is essential. Over the years, we have seen satellite terminals become smaller, lighter, extremely easy to use and highly capable as well as able to meet IATA conditions for transportation to the parts of the world where stories are taking place. Broadcasting is a very specific industry, with specific demands to match. Journalists will need to make live broadcasts, but will also require the ability to gain Internet access, to transfer large files, to access social media and other applications that are critical to enabling them to do their job properly.

Therefore, broadcast journalists operating in more remote areas or where unreliable connectivity is a problem, require a solutions partner that will enable them to not just deliver high-speed, reliable satellite connectivity, but to meet their very specific requirements.

Responding to Demands

As the first company to host Newtec Dialog® SMB3310 high throughput modem board, Paradigm has successfully embedded the modem into its Paradigm Interface Module® (PIM) terminal controller. The rugged and weatherproof PIM is the ‘brains’ of Paradigm’s fast deploy terminals, providing simple pointing and operation in minutes for the unskilled user. Combining the efficiency and flexibility of the Newtec Dialog platform with the versatility and reliability of the PIM, the joint solution is designed to provide a common terminal interface for fixed and quick deploy terminals operating on all major satellite networks.

Paradigm SWARMThrough the PIM, Newtec’s SMB3310 can interoperate with onthe- pause and on-the-move satcom terminals for a range of different markets, including Government, Defense, Broadcast and Mobility. Thanks to its straightforward operation and seamless interworking with any compliant antenna, the PIM has a proven track record in making satcom simple for all users, regardless of their level of expertise.

“As an established provider of end-to-end solutions to address the evolving requirements of network providers, we are always looking to form new partnerships with other industry leaders. Newtec’s new modem board is not only innovative, but flexible enough to provide tailored services to our customers, powering a range of applications from mobile Internet access, cellular backhauling and disaster recovery right through to news gathering and video/audio streaming.” – Bart Baekelandt, Product Manager at Newtec. – Jon Godfrey, General Manager at Paradigm

The MAVERICK service is designed to integrate with any type of customer network that requires multiple satellites, frequency bands (C, Ku, Ka-bands), spot beams, gateways (or antennas per gateway) and return link technologies such as HRC, Mx-DMA®, MFTDMA, SCPC). The service is also able to utilize different types of modems on the same forward carrier to provide best fit in terms of cost and performance, as well as different user profiles and roles.

It Takes Two

The PIM’s long track record has been combined with the best efficiencies of the Newtec Dialog platform. Newtec Dialog is a single-service and multi-service VSAT platform that allows operators and service providers to build and adapt their infrastructure and satellite networking according to business or missions at hand. Based on the cornerstones of flexibility, scalability and efficiency, the Newtec Dialog platform gives the operator the power to offer a variety of services on a single platform.

The Newtec Dialog VSAT platform provides robust and resilient links which are both efficient and affordable thanks to the wideband DVB-S2X forward and the government-grade frequency hopping waveform Newtec Mx-DMA®, which includes features such as spread spectrum and randomization of carriers.

The combination of the two instantly gives customers access to the Newtec Dialog VSAT platform via Paradigm’s range of high performance multiband terminals including the lightweight, rugged and ultra-portable SWARM, the HORNET flyaway terminal, the Communications on the Move (COTM) solution MANTA, and the cost-effective CONNECT100T tripod terminal.

The End Result

By increasing the range of PIM-based terminals available to network providers, journalists in the field will be able to rollout a multitude of high-throughput fast-deploy applications on their Newtec Dialog platform. This will allow them to achieve the highest efficiency over satellite, wherever they may be and to ensure that the story is told as it unfolds.

Thanks to the flexibility of the solution, tailored services can be delivered, as well as range of applications, making it ideal for news gathering and video/audio streaming – providing broadcasters with the confidence to expand services.