A Letter from ST Engineering iDirect CEO, Kevin Steen

I begin this letter with a profound sense of pride. I joined ST Engineering iDirect in 2010 because I saw not only the tremendous impact this company already had on expanding the satellite market, but also the tremendous potential of a world-class, talented team of ST Engineering iDirect people inspired by and united around a shared vision of shaping the future of satellite. I can honestly say that my pride comes from the fact that what I believed to be possible in this industry is in fact becoming a reality. And ST Engineering iDirect has had a significant role in making that happen.

Over the last ten years we’ve delivered remarkable, game-changing innovations to the market, breaking down long-standing technology and cost barriers, opening new growth opportunities for our customers.

But it’s today that’s most thrilling.

We’ve set our sights on an exciting vision that promises much greater opportunity for our customers. Satellite adoption as a mainstream connectivity technology is well underway. The market has confirmed that satellite as an access technology plays a pivotal role in the greater global communications landscape to bring connectivity to every person, every device, and every business. It’s our time to shape the future of how the world connects and fully realize the dream that’s inspired our industry from day one.

And I’m certain there’s no team of talented people better prepared to lead the way to new opportunity than the people at ST Engineering iDirect.

With a backbone of innovation and a collaborative, customer-focused mindset, we’ve got the solid game plan to succeed – and a loyal customer base counting on our success to fuel their success.

Our strategy − Drive, Deliver, Diversify.

  1. Today, in the midst of major industry transformation, we’re driving new growth by continuing innovation across the board in efficiency, performance and scale. Maintaining our dominant position in established high value markets like aeronautical, maritime, enterprise and government means raising the bar to help customers speed their time to market and drive profitability. We’re enabling customers to deliver new services and expand their revenue by capturing new opportunities. It also means leveraging our air and sea mobility expertise to expand into the mass land mobility market.
  2. Tomorrow’s success hinges on the capacity to harness bandwidth from any source and deliver a quality, unified customer experience over a hybrid network. That’s clearly what the market demands − and that’s why we will deliver a universal, multi-access, multi-orbit platform that will enable customers to offer unified services across any telecommunications network. This breakthrough ground infrastructure platform will transform network economics, and create more opportunities for our customers to monetize their services with fewer costs to stunt growth.
  3. We’re diversifying our role into a broader telecommunications ecosystem − this is the ticket to entering new markets and bringing customers more solutions, and more opportunities in less time. We are collaborating closely with both our current and new ecosystem partners to speed innovation and meet a whole new exciting array of satellite applications and services. And as our industry becomes part of a much broader telecommunication ecosystem, our job is to integrate our technology in news ways and partner with a new set of players such as antenna developers, terminal integrators and OEM’s as such auto manufacturers. We’ll have access to best-in-class technologies as we leverage the investments by the ecosystem that are already adopted by the telco and satellite industries.

There is no doubt that this is a defining time for ST Engineering iDirect and the entire industry.

It’s not often that you get to participate at the center of something truly transformational; the kind of moment that will be remembered as a turning point for an industry, the fulfillment of an ambitious dream. That time is now.

With a clear, ambitious, and exciting strategy, we’re well on our way to turning our vision into reality – shaping the future of how the world connects people, communities and businesses around the globe, and leading our customers to greater growth and success.

− Kevin Steen, CEO