Embracing the Cloud

As the satellite industry adopts cloud-based infrastructure, there are concurrent technology innovation trends that are pushing satellite towards the cloud as a means of reaching


Take a look at some of the Top Trends for 2022 that tie into the New Ground concept that we can expect to hear more

Countdown to Race Day

With the Solar Challenge set to begin in Morocco in just one week, we looked at the connectivity testing and race preparation that the team

The Big Test before the Big Race

The Belgian Agoria Solar team and ST Engineering iDirect came together to carry out testing on the antenna system that will provide communications during their crucial race next

The Magnificent Statsraad Lehmkuhl

The impact of human activities is becoming increasingly evident in our oceans. Climate change, marine pollution, unsustainable extraction of resources and destruction of habitats is

IoT Connectivity from Start to Finish

Enroute from Atlanta to Washington, DC, ST Engineering iDirect and its partner hiSky, are showcasing Satellite IoT connectivity on the move in a live demo

Solar Car Challenge

ST Engineering iDirect, Kymeta and Intelsat team up to support the AGORIA Solar Team View the story Menu 4 6 7 Twitter Solar Challenge Morocco

Solar Car Reveal

Let the Solar Car Race Morocco 2021 Journey Begin! View the story Curtain Up on the Blue Point Atlas Menu 11 Curtain Up on the