South Africa Defence Tech Day 2019

South Africa Defence Technology Day 2019

Register today to secure your place at ST Engineering iDirect’s Defence Technology Day that will be held on 9 September, 2019 in Pretoria, South Africa. This partner seminar is designed to provide you with an overview of the latest technology innovations and solutions. Learn about the following:

  • Considerations for a reliable defense network in the era of HTS and new satellite constellations
  • iDirect defence-grade product portfolio and government solutions
  • How to secure your network with our award winning Cybersecurity solution
  • Reducing SWaP in terminal integration
  • Product demos

Date: Monday, 9 September 2019 – 9:30-16:00

Location: Diep in die Berg, Pretoria, South Africa


 Considerations For a Reliable Defence Network in the Era of HTS and New Satellite Constellations Tim Winter, Managing Director, Global Service Provider Group
 Government Solutions Nicholas Muttai, Systems Engineer
 How to Secure Your Network Hendrik Beukes, Senior Professional Services Engineer
 Today’s SWaP Optimized Terminal Integration Jurie Geldenhuys, Systems Engineer