XipLink X7 Xtreme Bundle

XipLink and iDirect have teamed to create a unique solution that unites the power of two X7 satellite routers to meet the most demanding applications. The XipLink-X7 Xtreme Bundle includes a XipLink XS-iDirect appliance and two iDirect X7 remotes. The XS-iDirect appliance is customized to channel bond and load balance the two X7 remotes, doubling the combined TCP/ IP downstream and upstream data rate capacity across the same link. Since this high-speed solution relies on the iDirect platform, it offers iDirect customers the flexibility to deliver extreme throughput for select remote sites while maintaining the same quality of TDMA service using existing iDirect infrastructure.

The solution offers additional XipLink optimizations, such as header and payload transmission compression, Space Communication Protocol Specification (SCPS) for TCP acceleration, and advanced website and imagery data compression. The complete solution requires a XipLink XA-30K appliance installed at the network hub. One XA-30K is able to support multiple high-speed remote sites.

iDirect Evolution®
  • Features

    • Doubles the TCP data rate performance at a remote site
    • Relies upon existing iDirect platform infrastructure
    • Minimal additional hardware to gain extreme performance
    • Transparent to the iDirect network and easy to deploy