iDirect Outdoor Units

The iDirect family of advanced Outdoor Unit (ODU) equipment is specifically tailored around the capabilities of iDirect’s remote portfolio. All remote and ODU bundles are tested for compatibility and were created to ease deployment and deliver exceptional performance.

  • Features

    iDirect offers a variety of bundled terminal packages that pair a satellite router with the appropriate BUCs, LNBs, and/or antennas for Ku frequency bands. Our selection of iDirect-brand Ku BUCs enables you to choose the right power for your needs. All the electronics are protected by 3-year warranties.

    Value and Convenience

    Bundled terminal solutions offer the ultimate price value, with the simplicity of placing a single order and the assurance that you’re receiving a proven solution.

    High Performance

    Reliable and durable hardware, wideband frequency coverage, efficient power usage and lightweight designs illustrate genuine ODU innovations.

    Rigorously Tested

    All iDirect ODU equipment has been extensively tested to ensure performance meets specifications and guarantee interoperability with iDirect remotes.

    Certified for Compliance

    Third-party labs confirm iDirect’s bundled satellite router and ODU sets comply with international regulatory standards, providing peace of mind.

    Large Selection

    In addition to our popular line of name-brand equipment, if you have specialized needs or require ODU items for other frequency bands, be sure to consult with Sales to learn about the broader selection we can provide.