Our Vision

Shaping the Future of How the World Connects Through Satellite Innovation

Today, we are on the cusp of a major connectivity transformation. A fully converged, globally available network that can handle any application and deliver the right service at the right cost, exactly where and when its needed. This universal network model is being built to handle the dramatically increasing demand bandwidth to fuel modern business and society. And this network will dramatically change how we live, work, and advance society more broadly.

A Fully Connected Future

By the end of 2025, there will be 75 billion connected devices online, and more coming each year with no end in sight. The world’s population increasingly demands access to content from anywhere to anywhere. To meet that demand, the world’s technology leaders and governments are investing in satellite now to layer in modern business models that are connectivity powered.

If we want these new connectivity-powered models to work, every technology sector – telco players, chip makers, industrial designers, software engineers – must come together at a foundational level with connectivity as the starting point.

Every access technology has a strength and a distinctive role to play, but the networks are the ones who need to deliver the right connectivity to the right application in the right way, and create networks with lower latency, reduced costs, and increased coverage to all regions.

That means reaching remote villages where terrestrial means of connectivity infrastructure are not viable. Half of humanity still lacks quality access to the internet. These people are counting on satellite to bring them online and extend to them the benefits of the network of the future.

With endless data streams and universal connectivity, we will see massive improvements to healthcare, emergency response, transportation, urban planning, education, and nearly every other critical industry and infrastructure. All converging to create smarter nations, cities, industries, schools, governments.

Breaking New Ground

We are witnessing the convergence of the telecom ecosystem. Telco is moving toward the 5G mobile standard, a universal architecture, while also adopting critical IT advances like standardization, virtualization, and orchestration to improve the speed, scale, cost, and flexibility of service delivery. The satellite connectivity industry is following these same developments.

New Space is prepared to become part of 5G – but the space segment needs a counterpart. We call this movement from the ground segment to match the innovations of the space segment “New Ground.”

Through our transformation of ground infrastructure design, we will fulfill the promise of New Space, integrate fully with Telecom and IT, and usher-in the network of the future.

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