Our Vision

Shaping the Future of How the World Connects

We’ve entered the age of the global end-to-end network – where the demand for connectivity is growing exponentially. Imagine the day – and it’s right around the corner – when 6 billion people, 30 billion devices and 50 billion machines will be online together, redefining how we live, work and play.

Smart phones will be personal theaters, streaming 4K video and live TV. PCs will be equipped to share nearly infinite amounts of data to make the world smarter and safer. The Internet will stretch seamlessly across land, sea and air.

Every vessel, every plane, every train, every vehicle a mobile hotspot.

Demand Drives New Requirements

This demand for anyplace, anytime connectivity is completely redefining and transforming how communication networks are designed and what they need to deliver. Tomorrow’s networks must converge voice, data and video, as well as all access technologies, on a single platform; support any application; reach any geography; and deliver unified global service plans. And satellite will play a critical role as a tier-one communications technology with unique, in-demand capabilities.

5G – Catalyst for Radical Change

Telecom’s response to meeting this escalating demand is the 5G standard, an ambitious, game-changing effort to re-architect wireless networks to connect the world in countless new ways. A key aspect of the 5G standard – it mandates the convergence of all access technologies into a unified force. And that’s the catalyst accelerating the integration of satellite with terrestrial and wireless mainstream networks.

Satellite Comes Center Stage

The satellite industry is in the midst of a full on transformation to make this happen. Capacity is booming. Data rates are soaring. A major shift in economics is turning conventional business models obsolete. Satellite is going from niche’ and outlier to open and agile, placing satellite at its rightful place in the larger global communications network.

Satellite has a unique value proposition to offer, and it’s now within our sights for satellite connectivity to leverage our strengths on a much larger stage.

On the Brink of the Ultimate Opportunity for Satellite Service Providers

We see satellite converging with all other access technologies. We see satellite as an integral part of a new mainstream communications in a 5G converged world. We see the ultimate opportunity for satellite service providers to offer a much wider range of services that will empower end users anywhere in the world with a consistent, reliable, high quality experience.

Imagine schedule updates sent and received on a freight train passing through the Andes or on a cross-continent flight to Zanzibar. Or real time route optimization data sent straight to drivers of busy trucking lines. We see wide open opportunity that takes satellite’s possibilities from limited, to limitless.

At iDirect, we are moving towards a highly intelligent ground network that integrates all types of capacity, handles massive scale, and delivers connectivity to the right application at the right cost.

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