Facts & Figures

VT iDirect® is a global leader in IP-based satellite communications. We provide technology and solutions to enable our service provider and satellite operator partners to optimize their networks, differentiate their services and profitably expand their business.

  • Our Start

    From day one VT iDirect has taken a visionary role in VSAT, helping to break down long-standing quality and cost barriers.  Today we continue to apply ingenuity and imagination to meeting   the complex economic and technology challenges customers face.

  • Our Partners

    The foundation of our success lies in our unique relationship with our customers, the satellite operators, network operators, VSAT service providers, systems integrators, and mobile operators who rely on iDirect technology every day.

  • Our Team

    iDirect’s entire world class team has both the attitude and the aptitude to see our shared mission accomplished — shaping the future of how the world connects people, communities and businesses around the globe.

  • Our Worldwide Reach

    From Australia to Zanzibar, iDirect technology is at work in every corner of the world, giving our customers the greatest edge in bringing next-generation services to market.