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DEFSAT 2023 – April 27-29, 2023 – New Delhi, India

Join Sasmith Reddi, Director of Systems Engineering at ST Engineering iDirect, on 29 April at 11:40 during the panel:  Enabling uninterrupted access to Space – Impact Prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and Recovery.

Maintaining uninterrupted access to space is crucial for national security. The threat surface includes adversary action, unintended accidents or planetary occurrences and requires building resilience by hardening, detecting potential threats and remedial measures. Some potent technologies in the toolkit are SSA, RPO, OSAM, redundancy by design, replacing assets, and launch on-demand that helps in preventing and mitigating impacts, preparing for contingencies, responding to emergencies, and recovering from disruptions towards a structured approach in addressing the threat of denial, degradation, disruption or destruction of space capabilities.

The growing importance of space for both commercial and military purposes has also led to significant shifts in the geopolitical landscape, as countries seek to establish or strengthen their presence and influence in this domain. These developments have led to an increased focus on space capabilities and technologies, as nations look to enhance their military capabilities and protect their interests in space. This has resulted in a growing demand for space-based assets and technologies such as satellites, launch vehicles, and ground control systems, as well as an increased focus on space research and development.

With the traditional edge of existing space-faring nations being edged out by frequent and fast innovations, it is imperative to weave the cutting-edge of technology available in civil, commercial and military space domains in the application, operationalization and protection of military space capabilities.

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Dates: April 27, 2023 - April 29, 2023
Times: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


New Delhi – DEFSAT 2023
H4QW+2MQ, Khyber Lines, Delhi Cantonment
New Delhi, Delhi 110010 India
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