Time for Satellite to Embrace Cloud and Virtualization

Time for Satellite to Embrace Cloud and Virtualization

The satellite industry is set for unprecedented transformation, with the impact of cloud-based systems, the introduction of next-generation NGSO broadband constellations, and convergence towards a unified 5G network architecture.

The ground segment will play a pivotal role to allow the industry to fully embrace and benefit from these changes. This spirit of innovation will see the satellite industry embracing key technology enablers to unite the next generation of cellular networks with next generation satellite networks.

In support of the New Ground movement Euroconsult leveraged their expertise and knowledge of the satellite industry and jointly produced a whitepaper with ST Engineering iDirect that offers insight into the future of the market.

This paper will:

  • Discuss the impact of Cloud and New Space on satellite networks
  • Highlight customer dynamics and new applications in the 5G era
  • Examine virtualization and standardization as the technology enablers in satellite networks
  • Summarize the changes in the ecosystem and predict its impact


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