June 4, 2024

Intuition NMS: Ultimate Visibility Across Your Entire Network

Intuition NMS

The emergence of NGSO constellations, multi-orbit capabilities, software-defined satellites, the cloud, and 5G has driven a new level of complexity for satellite operators. Networks must be able to deal with everything, from switching between satellites in different orbits to effectively managing resources.

As a satellite operator, you must have comprehensive visibility into every aspect of your network to enable you to maintain smooth operations. But how can you manage the many different facets of a sophisticated network?

Intuition NMSOur Intuition platform addresses all of the latest industry advancements with a Network Management System (NMS) to match, combining the latest standards-based technologies with iDirect’s industry-leading capabilities. The Intuition NMS is a comprehensive microservice-based cloud-native network management system and has been designed from the ground up, leveraging the latest technologies and standards to give ultimate control to network operators. Intuition NMS reduces operational complexity and offers intelligent network insights through real-time monitoring and troubleshooting, automated operations, and streamlined navigation across the system for rapid response.

Designed for optimal network performance, resource allocation and service delivery, the NMS features:

  • Streamlined monitoring and control
  • High availability and adaptability
  • Significant scale to 100s of 1000s of terminals
  • Standards-based API-driven architecture
  • NIST and OWASP security compliance
  • Flexible deployment options

Intuition NMS provides the granular insights that operators require to effectively run a network in a new age of satellite connectivity through a virtualized infrastructure that allows you to grow your network and seize new revenue opportunities.

We’re with you at every step: Download the Intuition NMS Demo Brief.