May 14, 2024

Serve Every Application in Any Orbit, Intuitively

Intuition multi-orbit

Satellite communications no longer operates in one orbit. The evolution of the sector is seeing the emergence of new NGSO constellations featuring massive capacity and global coverage. GEO operators are also branching out and acquiring NGSO assets of their own.

Each orbit, whether that’s LEO, MEO, GEO or HEO, offers its own edge. Combined, these enable operators to create a much stronger value proposition and open the door to new opportunity and revenue. To ensure future success, and to move with the rest of the telco sector, satellite operators must be able to take advantage of the benefits of a multi-orbit approach.

We’re with you at every step. Find out more: Download the Capability BriefHowever, as an operator, your ground system must be up to the job and able to cope with transition between all orbits. This is a highly complex operation.

Intuition is the enabler that you need to journey ahead to a multi-orbit reality with a technology partner that you can trust. Intuition’s multi-orbit capabilities and applications will pave your way for efficient and seamless multi-orbit connectivity for every application. These include:

  • Optimized Beam Switching​ and Global Bandwidth Management
  • Flexible Deployments with Software-Defined Capabilities
  • Innovative Tracking Algorithm
  • APIs for Ground-Space Resource Orchestration
  • Cloud-Native NMS
  • Regenerative Payload Development

Intuition builds upon our best-in-class applications as well as fast-developing advanced technologies that will combine to provide a ground system that enables seamless, efficient operation of your multi-orbit network and the very best connectivity for your customers’ applications.

We’re with you at every step. Find out more: Download the Capability Brief.