April 16, 2024

The Intuitive Steps to Virtualization

Intuition Virtualization

As a satellite network operator, you want to offer your customers better, faster, and more secure service offerings. However, achieving this with traditional ground infrastructure is a challenge due to the sheer amount of work and expense involved in building out massive networks to cope with the improvements that you want to provide.

What you need is the flexibility to deploy your ground segment in the public or private cloud. Scale up and down, reduce upfront costs, and improve your service by accelerating your path to virtualization.

Virtualized, cloud-based infrastructure. Download the Capability Brief today.By moving to a cloud-based infrastructure, you can enable your customers to take advantage of everything that digitalization can offer. The cloud enables flexibility, agility, and scalability of networks. It’s cost-effective and secure, and ensures resiliency and reach.

For your cloud strategy, you want to have the flexibility to run virtual functions of your network, whether that is in a private or public environment. To achieve this, you will require functions in a virtualized infrastructure, one that is software-defined and can enable you to roll out your cloud strategy in the shortest possible time.

With Intuition we are virtualizing and digitalizing our networking infrastructure to allow for hybrid, private and public cloud-based deployments so you can scale services quickly for the fastest time to market and revenue.

We are making progress in four main areas:

  • Virtualized Baseband and Network Processing Infrastructure
  • Digitalizing the Infrastructure Interfaces
  • Virtualized Modems and Edge-Cloud Functionality
  • Cloud-Native Network Management System

No matter what your plans are for satcom cloudification transformation, choosing the right ground segment provider will enable you to accelerate your path to virtualization and digitalization.

We’re with you at every step. Find out more: Download the Capability Brief.