November 9, 2023

Africacom: Towards a Digital Continent

Africacom 2023

As a continent, Africa is making clear progress as it uses connectivity to advance its development in business and commerce, government, health, education and connecting its communities, yet there are still many challenges to overcome.

According to the World Bank’s DE4A initiative, despite improvements in 2022, only 36 percent of Africa’s population has broadband access and the infrastructure reach and quality of available service still lags behind other regions. This is especially evident in the more remote, rural parts of the continent where the roll out of cellular masts and base stations is costly and difficult.

Africa needs to develop an economy resilient to shocks, built to manage its increasing population, enhance productivity and efficiency in service delivery, as well as ensuring more inclusive socioeconomic development. It is a pivotal continent, brimming with talent. However, lack of broadband coverage coupled with the race to offer all-digital services, is cutting people off from critical digital resources that offer education, healthcare, governmental information, access to the global marketplace for small businesses and the all-important ability to keep in touch with family and friends. Additionally, a digital skills gap has also become evident in reports that reveal the number of African countries lagging behind with digital skills.

There are so many companies within and outside of Africa that are poised to make the difference and to connect this huge continent, enabling it to realize its potential. Many of them will be heading to Cape Town, South Africa from 14-16 November to take part in Africacom. The aim of this key regional event is to help connect Africa’s economy and enterprise ecosystems to build a more efficient, inclusive, digital continent.

The ST Engineering iDirect team will be located at stand C63 showcasing our comprehensive suite of products and solutions that answer every satellite connectivity scenario from cellular backhaul and enterprise to mobility, media and broadcast and government and defence. We’ll also be taking delegates through our very latest innovations that are preparing the ground for its next great adventure.


Media and Broadcast

See the state-of-the-art MCX8000, our 3-in-1 satellite gateway that brings the best of broadcast and IP together into a futureproofed solution and delivers high reliability, lower downtime, lower capex and compliance with Native IP. The MCX8000 is also part of the SKYflow ecosystem which utilizes DVB Native IP and mABR over satellite to provide OTT content to a wide range of use cases from remote education to mobility and government. Get an in-person demonstration from Alex Beach, our Media and Broadcast expert and Rami Moussawi, Senior Product Manager.


Our range of IoT solutions

Our IoT solutions serve a variety of different use cases via our hub platforms including transport and cargo, precision farming, disaster prevention and energy to name a few. Get a rundown from Michael Minchin our head of IoT products.


Cloud & Virtualization

The traditional teleport as we know it is undergoing a complete digital makeover which has seen the satellite segment evolve to meet huge demand for capacity. The evolution has reached the ground and will see infrastructure providers moving towards a new range of services for customers via the cloud. To achieve this, they must virtualize their networks. Find out where we are on this journey from Rami Moussawi, our Platform & Product Management Expert. Discover more.


Our range of solutions for Government and Defence, Cellular Backhaul and Enterprise

Experience our extensive range of efficient, high-performance, flexible and scalable solutions that can meet your unique requirements. Discover more.


meet-our-expertsMeet our expert team

Our friendly, knowledgeable team will be on hand to answer every question during the show, including our new leadership team:

Take this opportunity to schedule a meeting at the show and to talk over your requirements.

We look forward to seeing you in Cape Town!