September 7, 2023

Partner Perspective: INTEGRASYS


ST Engineering iDirect’s Resilient Integrated Solutions (RIS) portfolio is a complete end-to-end MilSatCom solution set able to be tailored to specific needs. By leveraging our vast ecosystem of best-in-class partners, ST Engineering iDirect can be the one-stop shop for baseband equipment as well as supporting services and innovative capabilities. Today, we hear from our long-time partner, INTEGRASYS.

Alvaro Sanchez, CEO, Integrasys
Alvaro Sanchez, CEO, Integrasys

Established in 1990, INTEGRASYS, is a software, development and engineering company specialized in satellite network design, deployment, maintenance, and interference management tools for monitoring critical satellite infrastructure in the commercial and defense fields. The company was founded by a team of Hewlett Packard engineers, who spun-off to develop automated signal monitoring for the government. Since then, they have developed technologies for streamlining communications especially in satellite network environments and intelligence.

ST Engineering iDirect (iDirect): Hi Alvaro, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. We know you are very busy and always on the road!

Alvaro Sanchez: Hi! It is a great pleasure to chat with a great partner, iDirect. I am indeed frequently on the road! It’s a thrilling and fast-paced industry, and I enjoy personally attending many events to hear first-hand from friends and partners, their main challenges, and needs to create solutions that solve their problems. Also, I enjoy engaging with industry professionals to stay updated on the latest advancements and forge valuable partnerships and maintain our customers and industry friends. This year we have increased our events’ presence by 40% as we now serve more markets.

iDirect: Congrats to you and your team – 2023 has already been a great year with your multiple awards at the Satellite show. Tell us some more about your latest award-winning solutions.

Alvaro: Thank you! I’m thrilled to share more details. Our first award-winning product, VeryFiling, has been a game-changer in the satellite industry. It is designed specifically for new constellations and addresses the critical need for filing and equivalent power flux density (EPFD) compliance evaluation under the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) standards. The recognition from the Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA) as the best “New Space Mobile Innovation” validates the disruptive technology behind VeryFiling. VeryFiling‘s streamlined processes and fast licensing capabilities revolutionize the way constellations are deployed, ensuring efficient compliance and enabling faster market entry, and better regulation.

Our second award-winning product, CleanRF, has received the prestigious “Teleport Technology of the Year” award from the World Teleport Association (WTA). CleanRF has proven to be the leading interference canceller in the 5G Satellite market. This recognition underscores the significance of CleanRF in mitigating interference challenges and optimizing the reliability and quality of satellite communication in the rapidly evolving 5G landscape. Where C-band spectrum has been auctioned and interferences are creating huge challenges for teleports and networks we can solve the challenges right away with this application.

Both awards symbolize our unwavering dedication to innovation and pursuit of excellence in the satellite industry. We are immensely proud of this recognition as our team has worked tirelessly to develop cutting-edge solutions that address critical industry needs. We are honored to be recognized at the Satellite show, and we look forward to leveraging these awards as catalysts for further innovation and growth. Our mission remains focused on advancing the satellite industry and driving the future of connectivity.

iDirect: Speaking of the future of connectivity, what else has INTEGRASYS been up to?

Alvaro: During the pandemic, the world changed, and we needed to adapt so we virtualized our products into Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure (MA) clouds and their marketplaces, which has allowed us to develop rapidly without any supply chain-related issues. By combining virtualization, M2M communication, APIs, AI, and 5G NTN, INTEGRASYS aims to deliver cutting-edge solutions that enable our customers to leverage the power of these technologies and be ready for the satcom evolution. We strive to provide flexible, scalable, and intelligent systems that meet the evolving needs of various industries, unlocking new opportunities and driving digital transformation.

iDirect: Do you think that the digitalization of the NOC is feasible in the short term?

Alvaro: Yes, the digitization of the Network Operations Center (NOC) is essential in the short term to maintain relevance in this fast-moving industry, where innovation occurs at an astonishing pace. Only through software can we keep up with the constant evolution and frequent updates that characterize the satellite industry. Being part of the DIFI Consortium alongside iDirect is crucial for us, as we recognize the significance of digital transformations and ensuring that our products are DIFI compliant. The digitalization of teleports will give rise to new business models, particularly in government applications, as they can now share RF over IP.

iDirect: In your opinion, why do you think INTEGRASYS and iDirect make a strong partnership?

Alvaro: iDirect is a leading VSAT ground segment and technology provider with a large install base, particularly when it comes to mobility. INTEGRASYS stands at the forefront as the leader in signal products, leveraging a comprehensive blend of hardware and software solutions that seamlessly integrate IP and RF technologies. By continuously aligning our objectives with those of our partners, we have established a track record of successful collaborations that drive innovation, enhance efficiency, and yield remarkable outcomes. The combination of INTEGRASYS software and iDirect hubs enables optimization and efficiency across multiple aspects of satellite network operations. INTEGRASYS software tools optimize spectrum usage, mitigate interference, and enhance link performance, while iDirect hubs provide advanced traffic management, routing, and bandwidth allocation features. Together, they ensure efficient resource utilization, improved throughput, and enhanced overall network efficiency. By utilizing the integrated capabilities of INTEGRASYS software and iDirect hubs, service providers can deliver superior customer experience while saving massive OPEX or resources.

iDirect: INTEGRASYS solutions are a key part of our overall RIS offering. Would you tell us more about your VSAT commissioning and monitoring products?

Alvaro: Certainly! INTEGRASYS Satmotion VSAT commissioning system simplifies the modem commissioning process via an intuitive app interface while also optimizing network performance by minimizing interference. This allows operators and service providers to accelerate their time to market, save on resources, and boost their return-on-investment.

ALUSAT Satmotion PocketALUSAT is an evolution of Satmotion and allows for the constant monitoring of VSAT sites post-installation to ensure network availability and optimal performance, which reduces site visits and results in OPEX savings.

For government and defense markets, along with CleanRF, we also count on a cyber security product line developed to guarantee protection within critical network infrastructures, as well as ad-hoc projects, thanks to the great relationship with iDirect and iDirect Government.

iDirect: What else is new at INTEGRASYS and where will you be traveling to next?

Alvaro: We have many exciting new projects and products that we are working on including interference canceller (CleanRF), signal geolocation (INTERGEO), and signal monitoring characterization for the defense industry.

Come see us at World Satellite Business Week (Paris), Defence in Space (London), APSCC (Kuala Lumpur), and Satellite Innovation (Silicon Valley) to speak with our incredible team on any of our solutions.

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