May 10, 2023

Resilient Integrated Solutions: A Joined-Up Approach to MilSatCom Connectivity

Resilient Integrated Solutions

Koen Willems


By Koen Willems, VP, EU Programs and Government Relations

In recent years, the government and defense sector has seen some significant changes in terms of its communications and connectivity requirements. There has been an increased complexity of ground segment satellite networks. In addition, a large number of constellations are being launched, in multiple orbits with more sophisticated satellites and more On-the-Move/On-the-Pause applications – and there’s a need to deploy on a global scale.

Resilient Integrated SolutionsThere’s also been the convergence of networks, integrating different access technologies and preparing the ground for 5G. This is all happening against a backdrop of an increased amount of multi-domain security threats, especially cyber and electronic warfare and a lack of Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP). Not all government and military entities have the knowledgebase, experience or resources to manage these increasingly complex satcom networks and often partner with other nations for satcom. This is especially true of smaller nations.

At ST Engineering iDirect, we have recognized this evolution in requirements and have responded by developing a new approach: Resilient Integrated Solutions or RIS. This is a complete end-to-end MilSatCom solution that can be tailored to specific needs. We can leverage our vast ecosystem of best-in-class partners to be the one-stop shop for baseband equipment as well as other supporting services and innovative capabilities.

Let’s take a closer look at the seven principal benefits that this new approach brings to government and military users.

  • One-stop-shop offering of ground segment technology and services ranging from baseband to terminals, gateways and (hybrid) satcom solutions for military end-users.
  • Embracing the complexity of milsatcom networks with innovative technologies and as-a-service offering allowing military end-users to focus on their core tasks.
  • Increasing security and resiliency of milsatcom networks through a multi-layered security & resiliency approach.
  • Integration services expertise to install, operate and maintain end-to-end (hybrid) milsatcom networks.
  • Design and productization of secure waveforms and adjacent baseband and network elements.
  • Seamless connectivity by supporting next-gen milsatcom global networks and multi-orbit assets addressing multiple dispersed theatres of operation on land/sea/air.
  • Agility through fully integrated terminals, gateways and antenna systems in orchestration with baseband and networking technologies.

Resilient Integrated Solutions

RIS is built upon the foundation of the Evolution Defense platform which features the highest levels of security, resiliency, agility, performance, network optimization and encryption, remote commissioning and network monitoring. RIS also features terminals, antennas, gateways and RF elements to provide secure communications and information assurance. This includes manpacks and mobile earth stations and an extensive range of RF products, terminal and gateway technologies and integration services.

We know how critical security is to our customers and we have developed Multi-Layered Security to build layers of defense to detect, mitigate, prevent and predict threats as well as network layers for resiliency to switch between networks when interference or jamming arises.

Resilient Integrated SolutionsThis includes a network management system, spectrum monitoring, and geolocation services that can identify potential threats; signal excision technology and network diversity to ensure persistent communications; transmission security (TRANSEC) and information assurance capabilities that ensure systems remain secure. Through enabling evaluation of current and historical data, the RIS suite of technologies also enables prediction of future interferences and threats.

For mission-critical communications, a PACE approach (Primary, Alternate, Contingency, Emergency) for redundant means of communications can be achieved by leveraging hybrid networks from satellite communications to terrestrial such as the Unified Communications System (UCS). The UCS is a fully IP-based radio communications system that provides secure, reliable multi-media communications by connecting classic radios to mobile smartphones to leverage common apps for situational awareness, quick-to-deploy tactical, or connect workgroups with a mobile command post. The UCS network and gateway diversity, waveform innovation, and next-generation terminals are all elements that can be integrated into the PACE approach.

We invite you to find out more about the RIS portfolio and how it can benefit military and government users.