May 1, 2023

Changes in Satellite Will Affect InFlight Connectivity

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For today’s discerning airlines, excellent connectivity is a must, ideally from the doors of the airport, onboard the plane, right the way through to their destination. What will it take to make it seamless to the passenger and economically beneficial to the airline?

The answer lies in the convergence of multiple technologies. Here on land, we are familiar with these – Cloud, 5G, cellular, etc. Seamless connectivity to the aircraft will require all the latest and greatest from the satellite industry (both space segment and ground segment) combined, through standards and next generation technologies, with these other digital networking heavy hitters. Read more how convergence will affect Inflight Connectivity.

And Watch. This. (Ground) Space. There is a major shift in the satellite industry from the simple physics of the bent pipe to the future we are rapidly approaching. The satellite sector is going through an evolution that will see it adopt established telco standards, embrace 5G and help to deliver the ultimate in network flexibility, transforming the travel experience.