November 16, 2022

Satcom Aero Integrators Prepare for Technology Upgrade

inflight connectivity

Post-pandemic, demand for IFC has ignited as passengers once again take to the skies. Airlines and operators are retrofitting their fleets with new cabin entertainment systems to enhance the passenger experience and to optimize operations.

inflight connectivity

Satcom Integrators worldwide are in the midst of aero terminal innovation. And OEMs are looking to integrators to design terminals of the future to be line fit to new aircraft. These terminals, and the antennas and modems inside, are essential to support inflight connectivity (IFC). Don’t miss our joint webcast with Avionics International and Valour Consultancy on aero market trends and how integrators are responding here.

Integrators are leveraging ST Engineering iDirect’s iQ 800 aero modem board because it immediately supports up to three times the performance and up to 50% shorter beam switch times than its predecessor. The iQ 800 is architected specifically for integration into commercial airborne enclosures. It provides performance, efficiency and security for reliable IP-based satellite communications on iDirect’s DVB-S2/S2X modem series with Adaptive TDMA returns. The iQ 800 modem board offers full feature parity with its predecessor, the CX780, as well as immediate and long-term benefits. Discover more about the board and what you can gain here.

Testing and certification for the new connectivity era

inflight connectivityThe iQ 800 is currently being integrated by the following top aero OEMs and integrators. As testing and certification cycles are long, integrators are working hard today to integrate the iQ 800 as they get set for a new generation of connectivity.

Catch up on the latest integrations of the iQ 800 by these leading companies:

  • Airbus – HBCplus satellite connectivity solution offered as line-fit and retrofit catalog options
  • Kontron – FAA PMA approval of the ACE Flight™ 2780 Auxiliary Modem Unit (AMU) and general availability of the ACE Flight™ 4783 Dual MODMAN
  • Stellar BluFalcon 300 terminal and modman nearing commercial service with final type approval completed
  • Safran and AstronicsSafran terminal with Astronics dual modman for more flexibility on Airbus fleets

ST Engineering iDirect offers true Advanced Mobility for the aero market. Watch our on-demand webinar including independent interviews with Satcom Direct and Panasonic Avionics here.

Download our IFC whitepaper and consider the immediate impact and potential legacy of Covid-19 to inflight connectivity and airline recovery.

Discover an aero platform to convey our full ground system technology to aircraft here.