April 20, 2022

SKYflow: See the First Satellite OTT Ecosystem at NAB


The three partners from the SKYflow collaboration will be at NAB, Las Vegas next week to introduce the breakthrough multicast ABR ecosystem that features technology from EKT, EasyBroadcast and ST Engineering iDirect.

The coming together of the companies to create this innovative ecosystem has defined satellite’s role in OTT delivery and will enable service providers and telcos to deliver content to any device in any location and will satisfy the many use cases that require satellite delivery of OTT services.

SKYflow Remote LearningCongested networks and geographical reach of terrestrial systems have often been a stumbling block for OTT providers and telcos. As they try to attract new subscribers in more remote regions of the world, they must be able to extend their reach beyond the realms of terrestrial networks. The satellite-based SKYflow ecosystem enables them to solve both challenges due to its capability to reach anywhere in the world, to transport high bitrates to the edge, its multicasting performance and smart pre-positioning of content at the edge.

The introduction of the ecosystem extends far beyond media and entertainment, but also enables a plethora of other use cases. These include helping educational institutions to reach their students; healthcare providers to offer telemedicine services; mobility markets to deliver video on the move and distribution of video to the consumer and households that may not have a computer but do have a television.

SKYflow was previously demonstrated during a DVB Project event where the collaborating companies successfully showcased the origination, transport, reception and consumption of live OTT video over satellite in a completely seamless way, enhancing the overall viewing experience. The delivery of Native IP over satellite creates a range of possibilities for mobile and multi-room viewing, education video distribution and network cost savings.

SKYflow can be utilized from transmit-only (via a Set Top Box) all the way to very performant high bandwidth and bi-directionally connected remote Points of Presence using a VSAT platform, assuring efficient satellite distribution to a range of terminals and a game changer for OTT delivery.

The SKYflow partners will all be available to meet with you at NAB. You’ll find us at the following stands:

EKT – W10103

EasyBroadcast – W7719

ST Engineering iDirect – W5505

To organize a meeting, click here. Please also see our new whitepaper that explains the SKYflow ecosystem here.