February 16, 2022

Barcelona Bound!

MWC Barcelona Bound

After two years of uncertainty and setbacks, Mobile World Congress is back with renewed focus and energy. We’re excited to immerse ourselves in the mobile world, to take in the innovation that’s been happening and to assess the opportunities that it holds for satellite. From February 28 – March 3, the leading satellite companies and trailblazers of the mobile and tech sector will assemble to show their latest developments as, once again, 5G is set to dominate the agenda.

Barcelona Bound 5GThe satellite industry is making steady progress towards the 5G future. We’re looking forward to the conversations we’ll have and to continue to heighten the level of awareness of what satellite is capable of and the integral role that our sector will play in the wider 5G connectivity fabric.

5G is going to transform the communications landscape forever. It’s no longer a concept. We are now faced with real opportunities that promise to allow satellite to deliver 5G services and to take its place in mainstream connectivity. Satellite Service Providers need to be able to steer communication traffic easily and effectively to the best options available in terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks

At ST Engineering iDirect we’re already laying the foundations….

We’ve just released a new whitepaper that provides a detailed overview of the importance of the 5G standard for satellite, the technology innovations, the new applications and opportunities that 5G will address, and the advances we have made in satellite over 5G.

As ground segment providers, we must play the role of unifiers. We will ultimately enable the changes we are seeing in New Space and the advent of 5G. With major architectural changes in these areas, satellite must be ready for the shift that is redefining connectivity. As we evolve from static to dynamic payloads on board satellites and to NGSOs we must do the same thing on the ground. The space-based network must then be able to integrate with the overall ecosystem, end-to-end.

This will be enabled through the use of standards that will allow service providers to integrate satellite communication systems into an existing terrestrial environment that can be easily managed as one. For us, collaboration with technology partners is key in order to push forward these concepts. Over the years, we have been participating directly into the 3GPP standards initiatives around 5G, as well as other organizations such as 5GPPP and ETSI to drive forward a number of frameworks supporting 5G deployments.

Interested? Book a meeting with us today! Meet with Semir Hassanaly, our Head of Cellular Backhaul and Trunking, Rajesh Suseelan, our Senior Director, Strategic Business Development and Jean Michel Rouylou, our Head of Broadband and Enterprise, who will be on site at MWC. Make sure you take this opportunity to book a slot. We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona!