October 6, 2021

The Next Chapter in SCPC for MDM6000 Users

Fastest Speeds in SCPC and VSAT

At ST Engineering iDirect, we know that our customers are always looking for the most efficient and cost-effective means to enhance their service offering and that they need to maximize their available bandwidth and constantly increase throughput rates to meet demand. In response we introduced the all-new MDM5010. This unique modem features all the benefits that we brought to market with the MDM6000 – the barrier breaking efficiency at maximum service availability – now with the industry’s most powerful point-to-point modem for the very highest rate links. Service providers can also take advantage of the added versatility of two modes in one modem. The MDM5010 is a single modem that covers all applications with the highest performance and highest speed whether their requirements necessitate VSAT or SCPC standalone.

At 1.6 Gbps in its SCPC standalone mode for point-to-point, very high data rate links, the all new MDM5010 is the best in its class. It’s ideal for service providers who require the widest bandwidth and highest throughput in the industry. The modem allows providers to increase the amount of services or to augment the customer base within the same bandwidth. It is in full compliance with the DVB-S2X standard, achieving the highest possible efficiency at maximum service availability.

In addition to being the fastest, the all new MDM5010 addresses many of the difficult user issues commonly associated with SCPC to make a remarkably better user experience that is both easier and intuitive. From deployment to operation and maintenance, every detail is taken care of by the streamlined, intuitive GUI.

Addressing the Widest Range of Applications

The MDM5010 allows service providers to expand their range of use cases in a way that was not previously possible, in a single modem. Customers can run a shared bandwidth VSAT network with a mix of services that range from low rate, bursty traffic to very high-rate traffic. Then, if a high-rate circuit in the VSAT network starts consuming too much bandwidth, this can be offloaded to its own dedicated SCPC circuit without having to configure anything on the remote terminal via a simple dropdown menu on the modem GUI.

Protecting your Investment

We constantly have one eye firmly fixed on the future and the MDM5010 is the modem of choice for today and tomorrow. Learn more about the MDM5010.