October 4, 2021

A World First for Satellite OTT

World First for Satellite OTT

Why is Native IP over satellite a big deal?

“This is the next era. Satellite is now going to the mobile device” – Jill Mulder, VP Marketing, EKT

Delivering Native IP over satellite creates a range of possibilities for mobile and multi-room viewing, education video distribution and network cost savings. This cutting-edge multicast ABR solution offers ultra-fast, low latency delivery of live video to mobile devices and large screens alike for a global audience at the lowest cost.

It’s not every day that something completely new, and highly significant, is achieved but last week that’s exactly what happened. During a special streamed event, organized by the DVB Project, ST Engineering iDirect, along with our partners EKT, Broadpeak and EasyBroadcast, showcased the world’s first end-to-end demonstration of Native IP using GSE or MPE encapsulation.

So, what is the DVB Project and why are we members?

“With this technology you are getting education to everywhere in the world” – Mohsen Haddad, Co-Founder, EasyBroadcast

Founded in 1993, the DVB Project is an industry-led consortium of the world’s leading media and technology companies working together to design open technical specifications for digital media delivery.

DVB Members collaborate through the Project’s working groups to develop specifications for digital television systems, which are turned into standards by international standards bodies, usually ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute). Once specifications have become standards, they are promoted for international adoption and utilization.

DVB specifications are the result of the united efforts of many individuals who spent thousands of hours designing new solutions to new problems. Both the extremely valuable contributions of the many individuals and the co-operation of the organizations involved are highly appreciated.

The demonstration yesterday was a great example of this collaboration and the result of months of work and preparation.

The Demo

Our team delivered an end-to-end demonstration of a B2C use case of Native IP, demonstrating origination, transport, reception and consumption of live OTT video over satellite.IP Native Demo

The Team and Our Roles


Broadpeak empowers video service providers so that they can stream content with a compelling experience. In this demonstration, Broadpeak’s solutions package and encapsulate the transcoded streams into OTT formats, so that they can be delivered via multicast and then converted back to unicast to reach the end-users’ devices with the best QoE.


EKT, the trusted set-top box partner delivers the content to TV or mobile. This cutting-edge multicast ABR solution offers ultra-fast, low latency delivery of live video to mobiles and large screens alike for a global audience at the lowest cost.


EasyBroadcast demonstrated its “edge” video service mobile application, content management system, and service backend. EasyBroadcast’s content management system and service backend run on the headend side and are pushed and made available for the demonstrated mobile application and set-top-box at the edge. This edge caching of service allows a full video experience for end-users and the ability to fully manage the service for the customer in a bidirectional as well as a unidirectional connected environment.

ST Engineering iDirect

ST Engineering iDirect will be demonstrating the integration of its SCPC and VSAT solution for the modulation and multicast transmission of the Native IP content over satellite. For unidirectional or bidirectional delivery, ST Engineering iDirect’s solutions provide best in class efficiency of the physical layer to deliver GSE or MPE encapsulation for forward (DVB-S2X) and return paths (Multi-Resolution Coding).

A Gamechanger

The demonstration has proved that satellite can deliver OTT content anywhere and to any device. This is hugely significant for service providers and telcos that in the past have struggled to reach subscribers and have had to contend with congested networks. It confirms that satellite is the ideal medium to deliver this content and that it can be achieved in a cost-effective and efficient manner. This has far-reaching implications as it content delivery will not be limited to entertainment, but also will enable educational institutions to reach their students, healthcare providers to offer telemedicine services and reach households that may not have a computer but do have a television so that they can enjoy access to information and content.

We’d like to thank our fellow industry colleagues for their dedication to this demo and we look forward to elevating the profile of satellite-based OTT delivery and delivering this innovative solution to our customers.

“From the satellite point of view, we open the door on #OTT business models for existing video service providers. For newer entrants to video delivery, such as telcos or ISPs, we provide a standardized way that can help deliver video efficiently and effectively over broadband networks, such as VSAT” – Hans Massart, Head of Media and Broadcast, ST Engineering iDirect.”

“I see this as DTH 2.0. This is a solution that makes it possible for operators to eventually switch of legacy MPEG-TS. Obviously, this will be a long journey but there are transition plans that make it possible for an operator to introduce the technology for B2C applications. It’s a real opportunity for convergence of services and cost saving for the operators.” – Jean-Claude Sachot, Director of Business Development, Broadpeak

Watch the entire event and find out more about how this solution is set to transform OTT delivery here.