August 16, 2021

Introducing the MDM2010

Introducing the MDM2010

Our MDM2210 has always been a firm favorite of our modem portfolio for broadband and enterprise market segments but we’ve acknowledged the need for efficiency improvements and are now able to bring you a new and improved offering – introducing the MDM2010.

Our latest MDM2010 is a compact, lightweight desktop modem with very low power consumption. Ideal for broadband access and small enterprise deployments, the MDM2010 rounds out our MDM modem portfolio, adding a low-cost, flexible option.

The MDM2010 features DVB-S2X forward and the high throughput (up to 120/10Mbps), flexible MF-TDMA and Mx-DMA® MRC (Multi-Resolution Coding) returns. It’s bundled with a range of different antenna sizes and interactive LNBs resulting in a cost-effective satellite terminal on the Newtec Dialog® platform. Its ease of installation and high-performance modulation techniques enable network operators to offer IP broadband services on a large scale in a cost-effective way.

MDM2010 Key Features

Compact – The MDM2010 has a very small form factor, making it ideal for prosumer, broadband access, and small enterprise site networks. It supports a wide range of applications including Internet/Intranet access, SCADA, Voiceover-IP (VoIP), video streaming, and multicasting.

Bundled with ODU – Bundled with tested and certified ODUs, the MDM2010 is easy to deploy, decreasing time to market. When ordering, simply select the ODU bundle that’s right for your customer. Our cost-effective MDM2010 bundle is optimized for large networks with a variety of small inbound channels and single client sites.

Easy to Deploy/Configure – With our unique Newtec Point&Play® feature, the MDM2010 becomes even easier to deploy and configure, removing any complication during installation.

Cost Effective / Low Power Consumption – The MDM2010 is our most cost-effective solution, ideal for rural broadband access, where low power consumption and high-speed internet is needed to connect the most remote locations.

Powerful / High Throughput – With aggregate throughputs up to 130Mbps and up to 4,000 TCP sessions (doubling performance from MDM2210), the MDM2010 is ideal for large-scale VHTS networks

Supports MX-DMA MRC for unparalleled efficiency and scalability – Mx-DMA MRC marks the end of tradeoffs between efficiency and scalability for your network. If you are looking for the most powerful and flexible return technology featuring intelligent, real-time bandwidth allocation at SCPC efficiencies, it’s the best decision you can make. Mx-DMA has always delivered groundbreaking efficiency. Now with Mx-DMA MRC and the compact MDM2010, we scale to bring the same performance to thousands of sites.

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To get further information on the MDM2010, see our product sheet.