June 30, 2021

Latest Release Takes Evolution® Multi-Carrier Mesh to a New Level

ST Engineering iDirect has expanded the capabilities of its industry-leading Evolution® Multi-Carrier Mesh solution with its latest Evolution 4.1.5 software release. Advances in satellite-based networks connectivity have enabled us to boost our robust mesh solution with even more modem options, resulting in even higher speeds, greater efficiency, and increased adaptability.

Mesh networks are ideal for real-time or critical communication applications in markets such as defense & government, oil & gas, telco extension and utilities with low latency, site-to-site requirements. The mesh overlay provides direct connectivity between remote terminals with a single uplink over the satellite, thereby halving the latency and reducing satellite bandwidth requirements. Mesh is also quick to deploy, cost-efficient solution in remote locations that lack terrestrial infrastructure.

Leveraging the proven Evolution platform, our Multi-Carrier Mesh solution features a flexible, scalable core architecture and advanced Quality of Service (QoS). It enables bandwidth sharing between star and mesh remote sites and an aggregate receive data rates of up to 29 Msps. The solution allows the reception of up to 16 TDMA carriers simultaneously and up to 15 Msps per channel, enabling the use of smaller carriers while permitting much higher network-wide throughput. This results in significant RF equipment and installation cost savings. TCP acceleration on Mesh topology facilitates improved throughput and the solution is scalable up to 5,000 for remote sites in star/mesh combination per outbound.

Evolution® Multi-Carrier Mesh

The original 2 rack unit (RU) solution was based on the Mesh Receiver appliance and the X7 modem. Now with Evolution 4.1.5, the solution has been extended to the iQ Series and 9 Series modems for even greater performance and efficiency, all through a simple software upgrade.

Evolution® Multi-Carrier Mesh

When the Mesh Receiver is coupled with any iQ modem, the solution features the DVB-S2X waveform with Adaptive TDMA returns with MODCODs up to 16QAM. It also benefits from symbol rates up to 16 Msps for over 35 Mbps throughput and, in addition to more granularity in MODCODs for even greater efficiency. The Mesh Receiver allows the modem to participate as a node in a mesh topology network and supports simultaneous multi-carrier reception allowing the device to easily function as a regional gateway saving additional deployment costs.

The Multi-Carrier Mesh solution provides a truly flexible solution that supports a broad array of mesh implementations depending on business requirements so whether you are adding a small number of mesh sites to an existing Evolution network or building a new mesh from the ground up, our robust platform and advanced features enable you to do so with complete confidence.

Learn more about ST Engineering iDirect’s Multi-Carrier Mesh solution, the most advanced in the market today.