June 8, 2021

Mobile Connectivity? It’s What We Do!

MSUA Mobile Connectivity

“Our role, whether it’s from a humanitarian perspective, an economic perspective or a government infrastructure perspective is to be known for solutions that help our customers and their end customers to be connected. Our job is to meet that demand, especially in places that only satellite can address. It’s why we have a unique value proposition.”

MSUA Mobile ConnectivityST Engineering iDirect CEO, Kevin Steen summed up our company’s mission in just three sentences during last week’s MSUA Live Webcast with Lisa Dreher, President of MSUA (Mobile Satellite Users Association). During their chat, they covered a host of subjects about the industry’s current offering to mobile users, the future of mobile connectivity, and what we can expect as satellite takes its in place in the new connectivity fabric that will encompass 5G and GEO, LEO and MEO constellations. Here are a few takeaways:

Satellite has a key role to play in mobile connectivity

Quite simply, satellite will continue to provide connectivity wherever it’s needed. The world is becoming increasingly connected and it doesn’t matter how that demand manifests itself, our job is to ensure that connection happens.

There are significant changes on the cards

5G is coming and will be an enabler. 5G standards will have a tremendous and positive impact and we will adopt them to ensure that we can seamlessly integrate into the global telecom fabric. This is a completely new opportunity for our industry. 5G is now moving away from being a ‘catch-all phrase’ to becoming reality and encompassing many new applications.

Our markets will recover post-COVID

Satellite is the catalyst for growth, for expansion of connectivity for everyone, everywhere

As business and society slowly starts to return to something nearer to ‘normal’, we find ourselves more dependent on connectivity than ever. At ST Engineering iDirect, we are optimistic about the future.

We understand user requirements

We know that users want and need confidence and peace of mind that the solutions they choose will be secure and capable. So, we need to be on hand to help them to solve challenges, speed up their time to market, drive profitability and take advantage of new opportunities.

What’s most important for end users to know about satellite

Any user is concerned about one thing – that their application will run and work well over satellite. When considering future satellite technology, there are certain things to bear in mind. Is there a multi-orbit capability? Can Quality of Service be assured? Does the platform provide multi-access for different technologies? Investments in these areas will ensure that the end user needs will be served for years to come.

The mobility market comes with its own unique set of challenges – beam switching, balancing of traffic loads, fast recovery of links. We’re dedicated to solving these challenges.

Watch for Yourself!

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