April 29, 2021

Gaining the Operational Advantage

defense organization’s connectivity capabilities

The last twelve months have presented challenges on an unimaginable scale which have had negative consequences upon the world’s economies. Yet for the Asian region, this does not seem to have affected spending on defense which, instead of diminishing, has increased. The geopolitical situation in the region is fueling this augmentation of capabilities across both large and smaller countries.

Satellite technology plays an important part in any country’s defense portfolio. Its versatility and flexibility means that it can be deployed anywhere, for the very widest range of applications. It’s used to connect critical military headquarters with regional command centers, surveillance centers and outposts but it also supports military operations and maneuvers connecting fixed and mobile assets such as UAVs and those operating on land, sea and in the air.

Therefore, the commercial satellite sector plays a critical role in any defense organization’s connectivity capabilities. As nations look to build satellite networks or replace decommissioned satellites, new programs provide the opportunity to adopt the latest space and ground segment technologies and find the right mix of capacity types to give them the operational advantage needed for successful missions. Building coverage and network diversity while guaranteeing the latest military-grade security standards offers nations a high level of redundancy, flexibility and security to meet the needs of a multi-layered, secure and resilient next generation defense network.

To find out more about how Asian nations, and others across the world, can utilize the increased ground segment innovation that is coming out of the satellite sector to gain an operational advantage through a flexible, multi-layered secure network, read our latest article published in APSCC’s quarterly newsletter, Gaining the Operational Advantage, by Koen Willems, Head of International Government Satcom, and watch a replay of the webinar, Build to Protect with Secure and Resilient Military Networks.