November 12, 2020

Evolution 4.1.4: What does it mean for you?

Evolution 4.1.4

Evolution is our proven multi-service platform that has been widely adopted by service providers all over the world, serving a plethora of use cases – both fixed and mobile – across diverse markets. Our close relationship with our customers and our constant focus on quality has led to the delivery of a new release for the platform. The 4.1.4 Release further boosts the rich Evolution feature set, enabling our customers to pursue increased opportunities with our well-rounded modem portfolio including expanded capabilities on our iQ Series modems.

A key feature of the 4.1.4. Release is the introduction of VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol). iQ Series modems running on the Evolution platform can now be grouped into virtual routers, providing enhanced reliability of the service provider network. This is coupled with LAN port monitoring, which ensures that the service provider is persistently aware of the health of their network.  LAN port monitoring works in tandem with VRRP to ensure the user traffic always has a route, providing the best QoE possible.

Let’s get a rundown of the key features of this go-to Release for all Evolution customers:

  • Optimizing performance and efficiency with powerful DVB-S2X with up to 200 Mbps downstream throughput
  • 16 QAM modulation for Adaptive TDMA with up to 30% bandwidth efficiency savings
  • Industry leading TDMA rates up to 40 Mbps upstream with iQ 200 Series
  • Advanced security with 256-bit AES link encryption and Multicast FastPath encryption for iQ Series modems
  • Increased Reliability and Flexibility with VRRP and LAN port monitoring
  • Increased number of Layer 2/Layer 3 Switched Virtual Networks (SVNs) on iQ Series

Evolution 4.1.4 also benefits from the introduction of a second Ethernet port allowing service providers to take advantage of the enhanced functionality of the iQ Series dual Ethernet ports, which significantly expand the available use cases, with no additional licensing.

We look forward to rolling out this enhanced feature set and to enabling our customers to further expand their opportunities across a wealth of different markets.

For further information on the Evolution 4.1.4, watch our video: