September 23, 2020

Reaching New Heights in Passenger Experience


When you’re thinking about buying into a connectivity solution or service, the best way to make an informed decision is to hear directly from a user on how it performs. A recent webinar held by Aviation Week in conjunction with Collins Aerospace, offered the business jet community a great opportunity to gain insight into Luxstream, a private business aviation connectivity service developed by SES and Collins Aerospace to offer their customers an exceptional inflight connectivity experience.

Reaching New Heights in Passenger Experience

In this case, the customer is Kaiser Air, a company established back in 1946. Rick Brainard, Director, Maintenance Marketing & Business Development at the business jet operator, explained how a regular customer was flying back and forth to Hawaii whilst running his business from one of their aircraft. He required constant contact with his team on the ground. At that point, the connectivity on board was running on a terrestrial system, which couldn’t satisfy his requirement for constant and reliable communications. After discovering and deciding on Luxstream due to its price, speed and bandwidth, Kaiser Air deployed the service on board its Boeing and Gulfstream aircraft – and the operator has never looked back. With close-to-office-network experience for passengers, simple installation and with 99% of the time spent in-network, it’s safe to say they are happy customers.

Why has it been so successful for Kaiser Air? They have been impressed with the attitude and aggressiveness of SES and Collins Aerospace in terms of making sure that the service works flawlessly. With any challenges attended to rapidly, Kaiser Air knows that (in Rick’s words), “they always have our back”.

ST Engineering iDirect technology is behind the Luxstream service utilizing both our platform, operated by SES, and onboard modem hardware inside the Astronics Ku-Sat2000 SATCOM terminal. Our system enables SES to operate the connectivity service across their multi-satellite HTS capacity that is integral to the success of Luxstream.

“Our system enables SES to operate the connectivity service across their multi-satellite HTS capacity that is integral to the success of Luxstream.”

The platform enables efficient management of capacity, network traffic QOS, seamless beam switching and maintains reliable connectivity as the aircraft fly around the world automatically accessing the best capacity available at any point in the journey.

Now it’s your turn to learn more about the Luxstream service. Find out how customer expectations are driving high standards for business jet connectivity and how Collins Aerospace and SES worked with early adopters like KaiserAir to get it right.

We are proud to be the technology partner behind this impressive service.

Watch the webinar On-Demand here:

Watch the webinar On-Demand