September 11, 2020

A Connectivity Revolution at 30,000 Feet

We’ve heard so much about ‘challenging times’ for many sectors across the world, but no sector has felt the impact of COVID-19 more than aviation. Despite the hurdles ahead, one thing is constant, and that is the requirement for inflight connectivity. With it, airlines can deliver the exceptional Quality of Experience required by returning flyers.

ST Engineering iDirect’s President and CCO, Thomas Van den Dreissche joined a panel of experts during the Global Space and Satellite Show to discuss A Revolution in Inflight Connectivity. With over 4000 installed remotes, ST Engineering iDirect is a leader in the mobility market and ensures provision of reliable, seamless connectivity the aero market.

During the event, Thomas addressed the relentless demand for connectivity and rise in expectations from the perspective of both passengers and airlines. Find out more about the future of inflight connectivity in terms of global service delivery, service orchestration, provider partnerships and much more by watching the entire webinar here.