July 6, 2020

What’s Private LTE?

Private LTE

As 5G and internet of things (IoT) technologies spread and the world demands more bandwidth, connectivity solutions will continue to evolve to meet changing end-user needs. Private LTE networks are an example of an emerging and attractive option for enterprises and organizations seeking a cost-effective yet high-quality network that will work with both current and emerging use cases.

Private LTE uses local cellular towers and cell sites to establish connectivity in a smaller form factor than public LTE networks. It can be used to supplement current networks to reduce congestion and add security, or to build out a cost-effective, standalone network where there’s no existing infrastructure. A report by Mobile Experts predicts the private LTE/5G market to triple by 2025.

The growth of these networks makes sense. These networks offer high performance, security and flexibility with minimal infrastructure build-out. They can be installed across a range of use cases, such as in manufacturing, mining, smart cities and more. To learn more about private LTE, its benefits and role in the connected future, and if it’s a good solution for you, download our Private LTE whitepaper.