June 16, 2020

ST Engineering iDirect Customers Reach New Opportunities with Backhaul

Cell Backhaul

Demand, pricing and technology are all aligning, making it an ideal time to expand into new markets with the help of satellite backhaul. Several of ST Engineering iDirect’s customers have already invested in cellular backhaul solutions to connect people, businesses and governments around the globe.

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Cell Backhaul Webinar

Here’s how our customers are using backhaul solutions today to bolster their businesses:

Andesat Peru

Andesat Peru

Andesat wanted to increase connectivity to remote areas of Peru. With ST Engineering iDirect’s backhaul solutions, Andesat reached 60,000 towns and connected more than 3 million people.

“This initiative is going to change these people’s lives in a fundamental way… to enable them to reach the world in a new and different way for the first time.” Pablo Rasore, President & CEO of Andesat.


Telefonica wanted to sell wholesale satellite capacity to mobile operators and to expand coverage areas across Latin and Central America. With satellite backhaul, Telefonica helped mobile operators bypass high capital costs and accelerated their timelines to build out services.

“[They are] helping us meet an increasing demand for enterprise services with higher throughput in every market and region we service.” Aldo Montalbetti, Director of Satellite Operations at Telefónica.

Liquid Telecom

Liquid Telecom

Liquid Telecom decided to leverage our Dialog platform with Mx-DMA to make bandwidth more affordable to businesses and consumers across Africa. As a result, Liquid Telecom has provided African enterprises with cost-effective bandwidth for big-data applications.

“The on-board technology ensures the highest efficiency, meaning our existing customers will directly experience the benefits.” Scott Mumford, CEO of Liquid Telecom.


KacificKacific was able to stimulate socio-economic activity throughout Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands by adopting the Dialog platform for higher-demand applications in underserved regions.

“The Newtec Dialog multi-service platform… enables us to tailor new services in a very efficient and fast-to-market manner.” Christian Patouraux, CEO & Founder of Kacific.


Find out how you, too, can meet tomorrow’s demand today with the help of satellite backhaul.