March 30, 2020

A Message from Kevin Steen, CEO

Kevin Steen, CEO

The last few weeks have tested each and every one of us in a way that we could never have anticipated. With the entire world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, we realize that this is an anxious time for everyone, our customers and partners included. The entire team at ST Engineering iDirect would like to send out our thoughts and support to all of you at what is a very difficult time; when we are separated from our loved ones and friends and we all face considerable disruption to our lives.

As social creatures, communications form the backbone of our lives and we struggle when we are unable to make contact. Communications are at the root of our relationships. Therefore, when we cannot physically be with the people that mean the most to us, we can still satisfy a portion of our need for interaction by accessing applications that bring people together. We can use social media to keep in touch and to remain a part of our loved one’s daily lives. We can access the Internet for news and valuable information that we need to feel reassured.

At this time, I want to shine a light on the hope that satellite communications brings to us and its role as a unique technology that can reach anyone, anywhere, at anytime. It is now more critical than ever.  Together as an industry, we are going further than simply enabling us to keep in contact with family and friends.

Our team at ST Engineering iDirect, along with our partner community, is completely dedicated to keeping lines of communication open. In today’s environment this need is even more critical.

  • For first responder and the emergency services that need to send help from any location and at any time, satellite communications are there.
  • For healthcare workers to remain well-coordinated across our hospitals, clinics and makeshift wards, satellite communications are there.
  • For doctors to conduct remote consultations via voice and video so that they can reach many more patients that need medical help, satellite communications are there.
  • For children continuing their essential learning at home, satellite communications are there.
  • For those living in remote areas that need access to critical information and services, satellite communications are there.
  • For businesses that provide essential products and services where terrestrial solutions cannot provide connectivity, satellite communications are there.
  • For seafarers that may be halfway around the world with no certainty when they might have an opportunity to get home to their loved ones, satellite communications are there.

As a company, we are doing our part to prevent the spread of the virus and to support local individuals and communities that need additional support such as donating laptops to families who have children attending classes remotely but do not have a laptop, and we continue to go the extra mile for our business ecosystem partners.

We are here for the operators, service providers and our partners that are working tirelessly to make sure that people can communicate, no matter what their location and no matter what the application.

We wish you and your families well. Keep communicating. Stay safe.