March 19, 2020

ST Engineering iDirect Named to Top 10 Hottest Satellite Companies in 2020

From Via Satellite

As we get set for a new decade, we bring back one of our most popular features listing the 10 hottest companies in satellite. For this year’s list, the editors of Via Satellite selected 10 new companies from a range spanning traditional powerhouses to start-up entrants.

One of the most significant acquisitions of 2019 was ST Engineering’s purchase of Newtec, one of Europe’s legacy satellite companies. The merger created a technology powerhouse, incorporating elements from Asia, North America, and Europe. Bringing together iDirect and Newtec is also potentially huge for the industry, given ST’s position in Asia.

Tang Kum Chuen, president of satellite systems and electronics at ST Engineering recently told Via Satellite that incorporating both Newtec and iDirect technology will bring higher efficiency, better performance, and greater flexibility to serve a wide range of markets and emerging needs.

ST Engineering aims to develop the first universal, multi-access, multi-orbit platform that is able to harness bandwidth from any source and deliver a unified customer experience over a hybrid network. It also intends to leverage its air and sea mobility experience to expand into the land mobility market as part of its strategy to create new opportunities for customers.