November 6, 2019

How Provider-to-Provider Roaming Will Create a Better In-flight Connectivity

Demand for in-flight connectivity (IFC) is accelerating, creating the need for more bandwidth. Passengers are coming to expect the same Wi-Fi experience on an aircraft as they have at home. Connectivity is also needed to enable new connected aircraft applications, which will allow data to flow to and from an aircraft in near real-time.

To meet the demands of both passengers and new connected aircraft applications, network interoperability is critical. In creating a consistent quality of experience (QoE) across a global footprint, service providers must deal with varying levels of service and availability of capacity across technologies, restricted countries, and the demand of high-traffic air corridors during peak hours.

At ST Engineering iDirect, we believe we can address these issues and enable network interoperability through our provider-to-provider roaming capability, allowing terminal roaming between autonomous networks while minimizing the operational complexities. As a result, satellite service providers can expand their geographic reach and increase revenue streams from underutilized capacities.

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