July 3, 2019

Newtec Enhances DISHTV’s Direct-to-home Efficiency in India

As India’s largest Direct-to-Home (DTH) service provider and the world’s largest single-country DTH company, DishTV supplies its traditional and multiscreen services to more than 23 million subscribers across India. With consumer demand growing, it is upgrading its network to enable next-generation viewing – and satellite technology is playing an important role.

Immersive Television Viewing

In 2000, the Government of India allowed the distribution and deployment of satellite television signals and three years later DishTV launched the first DTH service in the country. At this time, to avoid cable competitors in built-up areas, it solely focused on providing its technology to rural areas adrift of cable television. Now, DishTV is a household name which prides itself in providing the best customer experience possible. Its technology plays a significant role in this which means DishTV has to ensure its network is reliable and future-proof. With this in mind, it recently decided to upgrade and expand its entire headend platform with the global media technology leader, MediaKind, in order to meet rising demand for a more immersive TV experience. This enables the company to deliver both traditional and multi-screen services from a single platform to its 23.5 million subscriber base.

Boosting Efficiency

In order to do this, DishTV decided to deploy Newtec’s M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulator to enhance the efficiency of its DTH platform cost-effectively through improved bandwidth utilization. With DishTV’s existing infrastructure and technology providing exceptional customer service, the adoption of Newtec’s offerings was another notable stride in advancing its services and customer experience. Newtec’s certified business partner Horizon Broadcast LLP provided the Newtec modulators. We have a long-term and trusted partnership with Horizon Broadcast which has provided its extensive range of equipment to DTH broadcasters in India, enabling them to maximize throughput in a country where bandwidth is limited. Use of the Newtec modulator will result in reduced Operational Expenditure (OpEx) and improved total cost of ownership. The bandwidth savings generated by Newtec’s technology will enable DishTV to add more channels, improve picture quality and improve availability.

“As the largest DTH service provider in India, our aim is to provide the best services to our customers. Technology and backend infrastructure play a crucial role in providing a distinctive customer experience. With the adaptation of Newtec satellite communication technology, we have taken one more step to advance our existing infrastructure and technology. Newtec, with its high reliability and efficiency, will enable us to optimize the available bandwidth to its core, ensuring we can deliver high quality services consistently across the country.”

– V.K. Gupta, CTO at DishTV India Limited