May 16, 2019

We are united around common interests: Felix Wass

Felix Wass

From CEO Magazine

With Saudi Arabia now implementing its ambitious Saudi Vision 2030 program, President and CEO of Detecon Al Saudia Felix Wass has directed a change in leadership and values to expand the IT provider’s dominance in the region.

When Felix Wass became President and CEO of Detecon Al Saudia (DETASAD) in 2017, Saudi Arabia was in the beginnings of a digital transformation.

The government had launched its Saudi Vision 2030 initiative – a development program to diversify the country’s economy and reduce its dependence on oil – and investment in the services and IT sector was booming.

As DETASAD was a leading, fully integrated IT provider in the Middle East, Felix says he saw the opportunity to bring what was already a well-established business to the forefront of the Saudi market.

“The government was offering a lot of support for the industry, and there was untapped local talent and opportunity for international investment. I knew of many companies that were providing specific solutions for enterprise and private customers but not looking at broader connectivity issues.”

With its existing IT infrastructure, access to the market, strong shareholder support and “the right leadership, there was no limit to what DETASAD could achieve”, says Felix. Continue>