April 4, 2019

New from iDirect: A Software Defined, VSAT – LTE Hybrid Modem

iQ LTE Rackmount

From Gottlieb’s Satellite Mobility World

As enterprise connectivity becomes more complex, software defined networks (SDNs) are emerging to offer high-efficiency connectivity, automatically routing traffic over the best performing and lowest cost networks.

Now, for the first time, with its new iQ LTE remote, iDirect is bringing the same kind of software defined networking capability to the wireless world. Based on pre-programmed parameters, iDirect’s modem captures IP streams from both satellite and LTE and depending on the application, chooses the appropriate routing.

For example, in cases where LTE is relied upon as a primary means of connectivity such as remote retail, satellite can provide critical backup allowing businesses to continue operation even if LTE service is interrupted.

In a secondary, and in even more intriguing application, the satellite forward link can be used for multicast, transporting very large data or video files to thousands of locations simultaneously and achieving significant time and costs saving vs. traditional unicast. To find out just how useful this technology can be, we asked Chris Boyd, iDirect’s Senior Director of Vertical Market Solutions, to highlight some of the more interesting use cases. Here’s what he had to say. Continue>