March 29, 2019

Satcube’s Portable Satellite Terminal Receives Product Design Award

From Satnews

Satcube Ku Terminal
Satcube’s Portable Satellite Terminal

Satcube has announced that their Satcube Ku portable satellite terminal has received the esteemed Red Dot Award in product design, Communication Technology — the product’s look and feel, including highly intuitive GUI, was designed in close cooperation with Swedish design partner, SHIFT Design and Strategy.

In addition to producing a product with the highest standard of quality and performance, the overall design, including the user interface and look of the lightweight satellite terminal, is of utmost importance to attract the high-end customer group we are serving, according to the company.

Satcube provides seamless broadband connectivity over satellite through easy to use, lightweight terminals. The Satcube Ku portable satellite terminal is a highly compact, user-friendly device that delivers quick connectivity empowering people at work, businesses and global organizations, to communicate and deliver critical services at any time.

Comparable to a large laptop, the lightweight Satcube Ku provides the ease of an iPhone and deployment of broadband in less than a minute. Targeting industry verticals and work places requiring broadband connectivity where limited or no 3G/4G connectivity is available. Continue>