December 20, 2018

Satellite Networks: Enabling Ubiquitous 5G


From SES Networks

5G is not just a new technology. Instead, 5G is going to drastically transform the way consumers and businesses use telecommunications. However, ubiquitous 5G can only be attained with major network architectural changes where virtualization, automation and network slicing are key, making it easily adaptable to the specific requirements of mobile operators, enterprises and vertical industry segments.

Satellite’s ability to deliver ubiquitous, high-quality connectivity means it will play a key role in the communications industry’s 5G transformation, enabling new business opportunities for mobile network operators (MNOs) and vertical service providers. In fact, our backhaul solutions already today support key criteria for 5G, including low latency, broad coverage and high reliability.

To achieve the seamless integration of satellite capabilities into the 5G ecosystem, we are continuously working with standards bodies, R&D projects, public entities like ESA and EU, industry players, including MNOs, industry verticals and equipment vendors. This allows to advance development of open-standards, technologies and best practices around the role satellite will play in 5G networks. Continue>