December 4, 2018

Servicio Satelital Launches iDirect DVB-S2X Network to Provide Highest Throughput and Cost Efficiency for Argentina Market

Ultra-efficient network yields high performance results, combining iDirect’s iQ remote with capacity from Intelsat’s EPIC fleet

Servicio Satelital DVB-S2X NetworkHerndon, VA, December 4, 2018 – VT iDirect, a company of VT Systems, today announced that Servicio Satelital S.A (Servicio Satelital) has chosen the iDirect platform to launch ultra-efficient satellite network services which will help to enhance connectivity across Argentina. Servicio Satelital has deployed an iDirect DVB-S2X network leveraging iDirect’s next-generation iQ remotes and space segment from Intelsat’s IS-29e EPIC satellite.

During application testing to certify the solution, the iQ Desktop reached 256APSK with up to 30% efficiency savings over DVB-S2 networks and reached 110Mbps of combined throughput. This will enable Servicio Satelital to provide high data rates at a reduced cost to their users.

The iDirect platform was selected for its L3 and L2oS (Layer 2 over Satellite) backbone capabilities combined with DVB-S2X performance, making it the most cost-effective solution to ensure terrestrial-grade link quality and high reliability for voice and data services.

Servicio Satelital DVB-S2X Network“We are thrilled to help the nation’s largest telco service providers and companies expand their coverage to remote and rural locations and deliver a best-in-class end user experience,” said Eduardo Lema, Shareholder and Director of Operations, Servicio Satelital. “By partnering with VT iDirect, we can ensure an attractive business case – providing higher data rates at a lower cost per bit – as the market for Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) services expands across the nation.”

“VT iDirect is empowering networks operators around the world to connect remote and rural areas,” said Darren Ludington, Regional Vice President, Americas, VT iDirect. “Ensuring the right cost model and end user experience is always our priority.”