October 15, 2018

VT iDirect’s Denis Sutherland to Co-chair “Enabling New Space” Conference in London on 19 October

Organized by TechUK, the IET and the KTN, this conference explores new developments Denis Sutherland and any obstacles to enabling New Space – both in the space and ground segments – with experts weighing in from across the industry.

Denis Sutherland, Vice President, Strategy and Technology at VT iDirect, and Chairman of the Satellite Terminals Working Group at KTN, will lead the afternoon session beginning at 1400 with a special introduction. He’ll discuss helping accelerate terminal innovation and how to engage some UK institutions for technical and commercial assistance. He’ll be in the company with several innovators throughout the industry such as Phasor, Kymeta, SatixFy, Honeywell, Vislink, and Isotropic.

With the UK space sector’s growth beating the global average it’s time for new, quicker-to-market technologies, lower cost, less latency, and adoption of commercial off-the-shelf equipment. All of this is creating a demand for less expensive ground system systems that are optimized for smaller satellites. In fact, the UK Government recently announced a location in Scotland location for a spaceport, which will focus on small satellite launches.

But how do we as an industry design and build this ground segment, and create a lower total cost-of-ownership for the needed equipment to meet this high demand? Who is ready for the new space challenge?

Join Mr. Sutherland and VT iDirect partner SES as they discuss these points and lead a dialogue of change in the space sector.

Enabling New Space
Date: Friday, 19 October 2018
Time: 0930 – 1700; Mr. Sutherland speaks at: 1400
Place: 10 St Bride Street, London, EC4A 4AD