September 11, 2018

Today: Ground satellite terminals. Tomorrow: The World

From Satellite Evolution Group

John Finney IsotropicIsotropic Systems was founded to deliver innovation to the ground terminal space segment with next-generation technology based on scientific advances in the field of optics. With their unique design, terminal costs are expected to be a fraction of those available on the market today, making the technology a key enabler for bridging the digital divide and accessing greater satellite market share by closing the most challenging business cases. Amy Saunders met with John Finney, Founder of Isotropic, to discuss the company’s vision for success.

Question: What can you tell us about Isotropic’s vision?

John Finney: Our vision is to create a new generation of satellite terminals – the word is terminal, not antenna i.e. a fully-integrated, out-of-the-box experience which includes the antenna functionality, distributed power, integrated modem bays to accommodate different modems from different vendors, etc. The reason we prioritized our development activity on a fully-integrated terminal rather than a flat panel antenna is because the price disruption that we plan to offer will be so significant, both in Ku and Ka-bands, that we will enable high throughput satellite (HTS) operators, whether they are in GEO, MEO or LEO, to reach beyond into new markets and access customers for the first time. Continue>