September 7, 2018

Securing Satellite’s Place in 5G’s Mobility World

From Satellite Mobility World

5GEver since its inception, the satellite industry has lived on the edge of the greater telecommunications world. Running on its own proprietary waveforms and largely under IP protocol, it has distributed a vast amount of video and data. Now, with the coming of 5G, satellite has the opportunity to integrate itself into the wider world of mass telecommunication and to be a much more important part of the global telecommunications communication infrastructure.

This is a great opportunity, and around the world, satellite operators, hubs and modem manufacturers are gathering in 5G working groups along with cellular operators and PTTs to create a unified 5G protocol that will assure interoperability across all platforms. At this critical moment, its important to understand how these new networks will function and how satellite can enhance their ability to deliver voice, M2M communication, data and voice across the broader 5G infrastructure.

At VT iDirect, this integration effort is well underway, and to understand how 5G differs from the current 4G technology, how satellite infrastructure will need to change to facilitate integration with 5G, as well as the specific roles satellite will play, we sat down at VT iDirect headquarters in front of a white board with Greg Quiggle, VT iDirect’s Vice President of Emerging Products. Continue>