July 25, 2018

SES Networks CEO Outlines Vision to Attack New Markets

From Via Satellite

SES is hoping it will see significant growth in the networks side of its business over the SES logonext few years. This would show that satellite operators could grow revenues away from traditional broadcast — which has been the oxygen of operators, like SES, for a number of years. Now that Steve Collar has become the chief executive officer of SES, the onus on making SES Networks a success is now John-Paul Hemingway, who was officially appointed chief executive officer of SES Networks in April. Via Satellite recently sat down with Hemingway to talk about his aspirations for SES Networks, as well as how satellite operators can play in new markets and become part of the communications mainstream.

VIA SATELLITE: How do you feel about being the CEO of SES Networks? What are the new markets you see on this new side of the operator’s business?

Hemingway: Being the chief executive officer of SES Networks means a lot to me because we have so many people who are incredibly passionate about bringing new opportunities to our customers and their end users, and that’s really exciting not just for me, but for the entire company.

We have people whose job is to really understand end markets, end customer needs, and spot new opportunities when they come along. Everyone in the industry has been focused on aviation, government, and maritime, and these too are big growth markets for us. In particular, the government market has embraced some of the high performance Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) solutions we have. Our government customers want to have a very secure, trusted, and high performance connectivity that enables them to relay High Definition (HD) surveillance footage back to data centers for analysis.  Continue >