June 7, 2018

GetSAT’s CTO to Present at IET MilSatCom in London

From Satnews

GetSAT has announced that Chief Technology Officer and company co-founder, Oleg Roitberg, has been selected to speak at IET MilSatCom in London — Roitberg will speak at the Flat Panel Workshop organized by VT iDirect on June 13, 2018.

GetSAT is a pioneer of micronized, integrated terminals specifically targeting Satellite Communications-on-The-Move applications. Based on the firm’s patented fully-interlaced InterFLAT panel technology for transmitting and receiving signals on the same panel, the company’s compact and lightweight terminals offer reduced size, weight and power consumption (SWaP) to provide advantages essential for critical mission success.

VT iDirect‘s Dave Davis, Technical Director, Global Service Provider Group and Vice-ChairiDirect's Dave Davis of the IET MilSatcom conference commented, that when we decided to introduce a workshop on innovative antenna technology, GetSAT’s involvement was always going to be sought. The workshop will enable GetSAT to showcase their InterFLAT technology and explain how their terminals’ size weight and power (SWaP) is changing the game. With a flexible approach and GetSAT’s rapid development cycles and technical know-how, their teams are truly at the cutting edge of high performance MilSatcom technology.

GetSAT CTO, Oleg Roiberg, said that the unique advantage of GetSAT’s compact, lightweight, ultra-low power consuming systems is that no user ever compromises on quality, size, power or weight. With deployments in three continents — and more to come — the firm’s terminals are successfully engaging in critical missions around the globe.