June 5, 2018

On the Brink: Kymeta & iDirect Offer Enticing Possibilities for Mobility Markets

From Satellite Mobility World

“No signal,” “roaming,” a single lonely bar – these are the signs of the dreaded “dead
zone,” areas where wireless coverage sputters out and it becomes near impossible to send a text message or make a phone call. Dead zones have become especially vexing in a world that expects uninterrupted connectivity at all times and in all places.

To connect the world, fiber and cellular networks are not enough. Satellite connectivity is necessary to fill the gaps and expand the reach of fiber and cellular coverage.

Kymeta & iDirect Offer Enticing Possibilities for Mobility MarketsOne of the hungriest markets for better connectivity is the mobility market. Luxury coach and cross-country railway passengers, maritime cargo vessels, small fishing fleets, remote mining worksites and land vehicles: these are examples of consumers often stuck in remote areas underserved by wireless, and without the resources and infrastructure to install traditional VSAT services. The solution?

Employ smaller, more versatile satellite terminals such as the new Kymeta™ KyWay™ terminal, which integrates ground-breaking mTenna™ flat-panel antenna technology with the iDirect X7 modem. Powered by an iDirect ground network, this solution has the potential to open sidelined markets and bring connectivity to places previously unreachable.

How the KyWay Terminal Works
Today, the KyWay terminal is the only commercially available, electronically steered, flat-panel antenna solution built to scale and able to support many different mobility applications. As the first step in commercial satellite technology, Kymeta made sure the KyWay terminal is easy to buy and operate. Continue >