April 9, 2018

VSAT Delivers Fast Ship Connectivity

From Marine MEC

cobhamPartners, distributors and integrators of Cobham Satcom VSAT have provided broadband solutions to various vessel types using Sailor hardware.

VSAT providers and system integrators have benefited from using Cobham Satcom Sailor antenna hardware with their services. Shipowners, managers and seafarers have used the Ku-band and Ka-band connectivity that Sailor antennas provide on vessels for greater communications to shore and internet access.

An example of how an integrator has worked with Cobham Satcom and a VSAT provider to deliver faster satellite communications to a fleet of gas carriers came to light in February this year. Elcome International said it had completed a retrofit programme across a fleet of liquefied natural gas tankers using Sailor equipment.

Elcome executive director Jimmy Grewal said a team of engineers decommissioned the existing VSAT systems and installed new Sailor 900 Ku antennas and associated below-deck terminal equipment on 40 ships in four months during 2017. Continue>