February 28, 2018

VT iDirect and Software Radio Systems Partner to Transform Media Streaming Over Hybrid Satellite-Cellular 5G Network

Delivering Seamless Video Streaming for Users Around the Globe, and Reduced Operational Costs for Network Operators

SRSHerndon, VA, February 28, 2018 – VT iDirect, Inc. (VT iDirect), a company of
Vision Technologies Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that it will partner with Ireland-based Software Radio Systems (SRS) to transform multimedia streaming on mobile devices, by leveraging the efficiencies of a hybrid cellular and satellite network. The project, partially funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), as well as VT iDirect’s solutions group based in Killarney Ireland, will develop technologies based on LTE Broadcast, Adaptive Bitrate Video and Content Distribution Networks. This will bring about an enhanced video streaming experience for users around the globe, at a reduced network operational cost for network operators.

SRS is a global leader in the emerging field of software radio, specializing in high-performance software for wireless systems including 4G LTE and 5G NR, and working with partners in the US, Canada, and across Europe.

The ability to cost-effectively stream video to mobile devices is a critical operational priority for mobile operators worldwide. According to Ericsson’s latest Mobility Report, mobile video traffic is forecasted to grow by around 50 percent annually through 2023 to account for 75 percent of all mobile data traffic. The increased traffic is being driven by higher resolution video formats, as well as an increasing preference among consumers for TV viewing on a mobile device.

iDirect and SRS will focus on how satellite can be used to efficiently deliver video content to mobile users by using satellite networks to cache content close to the cellular base station in anticipation of the introduction of the 5G mobile standard.

“This is a transformational project which will provide seamless video streaming content directly to millions of users over huge geographic areas,” said Paul Sutton, co-founder, SRS. “Our unique partnership with the European Space Agency and VT iDirect enables us to combine satellite and terrestrial mobile network infrastructure to guarantee a high-quality multimedia experience for every user on the network, while avoiding network congestion and maximizing capacity.”

“The future of satellite communications is intertwined with the rapid growth and future dominance of wireless communications,” said Aneesh Dalvi, Vice President of Applied Research, VT iDirect. “VT iDirect is focused on meeting 5G standards on our platform to expand the use of satellite communications and create new business opportunities for our customers. Our partnership with SRS, funded by the ESA project, is a critical initiative which we hope will leverage the satellite’s unique capabilities to drive down operational costs and improve the user experience, as demand for mobile connectivity skyrockets.”