February 14, 2018

New Market Analysis Paper by NSR and iDirect – “Unlocking New Satcom Markets and Capabilities with Next-Gen Ground Segment”

Unlocking New Satcom Markets and Capabilities with Next-Gen Ground Segment
New white paper: Unlocking New Satcom Markets and Capabilities with Next-Gen Ground Segment

The space segment has unleashed innovation after innovation in recent years. As a result, the satellite communication industry is targeting a wide spectrum of new applications to ignite growth. But none of these new technologies will materialize without a powerful partner on the ground.

As the brains of the VSAT network, ground infrastructure must be in sync with the pace of innovation in the space segment. This new white paper by research firm NSR and iDirect – the leader in ground infrastructure sales with 34% of the market share – provides an in-depth analysis of key VSAT markets including enterprise, aero, maritime and cellular backhaul and details how major advances in ground infrastructure are creating new opportunities to monetize capacity and expand the market for satellite communications.

Some of the key insights inside:

    • How ground platforms continue to improve the bits per Hertz and drive DVB-S2X efficiencies with higher signal strength links on HTS.
    • Advances in hardware virtualization that enable much greater scale at a more cost-effective operating model.
    • How the iDirect platform allows operators and providers to deliver the right throughput rate at the right cost, run large networks cost effectively and deploy new services rapidly.
    • Critical future developments to overcome barriers of interoperability to become part of mainstream converged services.
    • iDirect’s plans to support multi-waveform capabilities to enable a converged platform that combines capacity from all orbits, integrates with 5G cellular networks and supports subscriber roaming across service provider networks.

Read the full NSR report.