November 29, 2017

Powerful Evolution 4.1 Software Introduces DVB-S2X, Mesh and DVB-S2 Enhancements

iDirect - Lead The Way

iDirect’s latest Evolution 4.1 release unlocks the power of DVB-S2X and HTS, dramatically expanding your network performance and capabilities to capture the exploding market opportunities.

Deploy New DVB-S2X networks

DVB-S2X enables larger carriers with MODCODs up to 256APSK, driving unprecedented efficiency gains and increased performance while protecting your investment. Existing customers can leverage their Series 15100 Universal Hub and Universal Line Cards (ULCs) to cost-effectively build out a new DVB-S2X network. The catalysts of the DVB-S2X portfolio are the next-generation software-defined iQ Desktop remote and Intelligent Gateway supporting virtualized protocol processors (PPs) for greatly improved hub density.

Get more from DVB-S2 networks

For existing DVB-S2 networks, upgrading to Evolution 4.1 allows for greater return throughput up to 29 Msps on the same amount of bandwidth with the 9-series remotes and ULC-R. The ULC-R is also compatible with any X-series remote to benefit from licensable 16 channel demodulators for increased hub scalability.

For site-to-site, latency-sensitive applications, iDirect’s Evolution Multi-Carrier Mesh solution features star and mesh bandwidth sharing, TCP acceleration, aggregate receive capacity of up to 29 Msps and individual carrier rates up to 7.5 Msps for the flexibility to support a broad array of mesh implementations depending on business requirements.

Learn more about Evolution 4.1 to understand how to maximize your network and capitalize on future growth opportunities.